Effective Line Management



There's no long classroom sessions here. After introducing PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) and a safety briefing you will spend the remainder of your time on the shop floor. Lines can not be effectively managed from the comfort of a chair in the office so the fact that this course spend so much time on the Gemba should not come as a surprise.

Small groups gain access to the heart of Toyota production to see how our supervisors set shifts up to succeed, problem solve on a daily basis and deploy continuous improvement such that every shift is better than the previous one.

Key study areas

  • The level of personal commitment required from a leader.
  • The need for Gemba and real shop floor observation
  • The PDCA cycle
  • Fact based decision making
  • Visual management tools & techniques
  • Management kamishibai
  • The power of positive confirmation
  • Effective use of Andon

Aimed at

All Supervisors and Managers with leadership responsibility

Course Information

We want to show you how things are done here at Toyota. This course can therefore only be delivered at our Deeside Engine Plant.

We will open reception early because a production shift will not wait. Delegates will need to report to reception at 06:45 and we will be on the shop floor to witness dayshift start at 07:30. With the exception of a few short breaks you'll be on your feet and walking until the day finishes at 14:45. We'll provide coffee breaks and a lunch but expect to be exhausted.

Customer Comments

"My legs are tired! You challenged me to take one idea away but I'm leaving with too many to count. I think all my colleagues should do this course." - 02/07/18