Toyota Lean Management Centre consultants will visit your site and perform a three day in-depth study to benchmark your organisation against TPS and the Toyota Way.

Investigating 11 key areas of your business and taking the opportunity to study your key processes will allow us to collect the facts and data required to generate a comprehensive report. Understanding the culture of your organisation and how lean tools are currently applied will enable us to propose an action plan tailored to your business.

Toyota Lean Management Centre will propose an action plan at the end of the audit and are available to both support your activity and conduct a follow-up audit if required.

Charges for this process start at £3816+VAT.

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TPS is more than just a house. Having worked with the tools for many years our consultants see TPS as a way of life.

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Simple but often overlooked. The Toyota Way guides our behaviour and is the glue which ensures change is sustained.

How It Works






Action Plan


The Toyota Lean Manufacturing Centre will study 11 key areas of your business, providing you with an opportunity to study your key processes, as well as a chance to measure your understanding of the Toyota Production System and The Toyota Way.



The three day diagnostic process concludes with a presentation. Drawing on The Toyota Way  we encourage clients to demonstrate teamwork and invite the whole management team to this presentation.

Linked to TPS  and The Toyota Way  we will explain the opportunities that have been identified and the principles which have guided us to these conclusions.

The final slide will be an outline plan for improvement. Without obligation we can advise what support we would be able to provide to help clients achieve this plan.

Action Plan

We will work with clients who wish to be supported by us to develop a detailed action plan which typically lasts between four and 12 weeks.

You will identify appropriate resource who we will coach and guide to ensure they develop as the team tackles a pilot area.

Our aim is to leave behind a team that can replicate this change in other areas without the ongoing cost of consultants.

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